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The Engagement Announcement

Sorry I’m late on this addition to our wedding dos – I’ve have a very busy week moving and getting set up.  Without further ado – here we go!!

Before you rush into planning your big day, relish the moment with friends, family and your fiancé

Spread the news!

Tell your families, particularly your parents, first. This tradition protects your mother and father from hearing it elsewhere. Then contact your relatives and close friends—some couples choose to mail out formal letters. You can also announce your engagement in the local papers. To find newspapers in your area that print announcements, and to learn their specific requirements. Or create your own Wedding Web Site  to get the word out immediately!

Get a manicure

Your hands—the left one, at any rate—will never attract more attention than the moment you slip on that sparkler. Neatly shaped nails, trimmed cuticles and a soft pink polish that doesn’t compete with the bling in your ring will be your diamond’s best friend.

Photo op

Many couples choose to personalize their wedding announcement with a photo of themselves. If you don’t already have one you like, this is a great time to choose a photographer and give him or her a prewedding assignment called the engagement session. Working with a photographer prior to the wedding also allows couples to become comfortable in front of the camera.

Gather the parents

If they haven’t met already, now’s the time for your folks to get acquainted—the wedding will be much more enjoyable if your families are comfortable with each other. Usually the bride’s family will ask the groom’s over for a celebratory drink, but you, as a couple, can also invite both clans out to dinner.

Engagement party

Traditionally the bride’s parents invite family and friends (from both sides) to a party, at which time her father announces the engagement. Today many couples host the celebration themselves, and it can be as elaborate as a catered four-course meal or as casual as a poolside barbecue. The only “rules”: Throw the party shortly after you’ve gone public with your plans, and extend an invitation only to people you are definitely inviting to your wedding.

Need the ring?

Many men are hesitant to purchase an engagement ring on their own, preferring to pop the question sans sparkler so his fiancée can select the ring she truly adores. If this is your situation and you haven’t already started shopping, now’s the time.

Get your ring sized-and insured!

Even the guy who delivers the most inspired and well-planned proposal may flounder in finding out your ring size. A trip to the jeweler ensures it won’t twirl around, or worse, slip off! And having your ring insured guarantees it will be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged. Most homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies require a separate rider to insure jewelry, so call your agent to confirm. Annual coverage costs about 1 to 3 percent of the ring’s appraised value.


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