It’s theme time again – The Gothic Themed Wedding

A Gothic wedding tends to embrace the darker side of human nature, lingering on the forbidden and mysterious. Though often associated with ancient symbols or the colors black and red, a Gothic wedding can choose from a wide variety of hues and styles. You can go with a romantic, punk, historical or sweet Gothic wedding theme. Though not the most popular of the many theme wedding ideas, Gothic weddings are nevertheless catching on.

Color – Gothic wedding ceremonies are characterized by a darker color scheme. Plan for black red, or purple wedding attire and accessories, including flowers. For a toned down look, opt for rich jewel tones of ruby red, navy and emerald green with black accents.

Gothic themes tend to use dark or jewel-toned colors, but don’t feel limited by this. If you want a white wedding dress, you can wear it and still have a Gothic wedding. Think about decorating your dress with black or red accents. You could also dress your bridesmaids in royal purple or midnight blue, not to mention jet black and blood red. If you want something a little sweet, mix pink and black for your bridal gown.

Candles – You can never have too many candles. Think of a dark castle on a heath during a storm in a horror movie. That’s the ambiance you want to create.

Decorating with flowers works as well with a Gothic wedding as it does a traditional wedding. Live or dead, real or fake, your wedding decorations can be as beautiful or dark as desired. Use vivid poppies, with their red petals and black center, as the perfect fit for a black and red Gothic wedding. Fake dead flowers on thorny branches work if you want thing dark, or try richly colored roses for a more traditional Gothic feel.

Skulls, bones, castles, swords and gargoyles can be found at any store with Halloween supplies. Just because they’re meant for Halloween doesn’t mean they can’t also work for your Gothic wedding theme. Don’t forget the symbols, such as crosses, stars and ankhs.

Almost any dish can go with a Gothic themed wedding, it just all depends on how the food is presented. You can go with food that match your wedding colors, or food shaped into Gothic themes. Good, old chicken is still acceptable, but think about serving each plate next to a little chicken gravestone. Maybe decorate the plate with extra black roses to match your bouquet or have tiny, plastic gargoyles perched on each dish.

Your gothic wedding cake could be red velvet and shaped like a realistic heart. It could be a layer cake covered with red, teardrop jewels that look like drops of blood. Try a tiered-cake with marzipan spires to make it look like a castle.

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