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Its theme time again – New Year’s Eve Wedding

Gotta Love this one….Have the best New Year’s Eve party by throwing a wedding! It’s a very romantic way to ring in the year to come. To have your wedding on New Year’s Eve, you must plan it well in advance. Follow these steps for a successful New Year’s Eve wedding.
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    Reserve your ceremony and reception locations. Be aware many venues may be reserved for New Year’s Eve parties. Try to make reservations more than a year in advance, if possible. Schedule the times for night, starting your reception at around 8:00 so your guests will be there at midnight to ring in the new year.

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    Inform guests well in advance with a save the date notification before sending invitations. Because it’s a holiday, many people may have standing plans or reservations they’ll need to cancel. Do this as soon as you have officially determined the date, aiming for at least 6 months in advance.

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    Plan your food and drinks. Since guests will be eating later, it’s a good idea to just stick with hors devours and dessert for food. Mention in the invitation that guests should eat something beforehand and you’ll be serving snacks and appetizers since they’ll be eating later than usual. Make sure you include lots of champagne on your drink list, as well as coffee.

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    Decide on wedding colors and attire. Having a wedding on New Year’s Eve is a good opportunity to do a black tie event. Everyone will enjoy the chance to dress up to ring in the year. Black, gold and silver are the colors typically associated with New Year’s, so use those if you can.

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    Send invitations to your guests. Do this around 3 months in advance instead of the usual 2 month timeframe used for wedding invitations.

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    Plan your decorations and flowers for the wedding. When doing a black tie theme, red and white roses are a great choice for flowers. Include noise makers, confetti and party hats. Have a big clock or TV for the countdown.

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    Purchase party accessories and favors to go with the New Year’s Eve theme. Good examples are personal champagne bottles, fortune cookies, a CD with the songs which were a hit during the past year, bells which say ring in the new year with (your names) or personalized calendars for the year to come (do it yourself or use the local copy shop).

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