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10 Tips for an Eco-Chic Weddings

Something near and dear to my heart is Eco friendly weddings.  Living in Colorado, we have such beautiful surroundings and are reminded daily the importance on renewable things.  Here at Platinum Invitations & Stationery we have gone to using suppliers that have anywhere from 40%-100% post consumer paper products to make our wedding invitations.  Any steps we all can take will make for a healthier Earth.  I found a great blog post today that I just had to repost!!

I have seen a wonderful trend of bride’s interested in going green for their weddings! This trend will just continue to grow. If you are confused about making a green impact, these tips will help! I recently stumbled upon the blog Intimate Weddings. It is packed full of wonderful inspiration, DIY ideas, and fantastic tips like these! I wanted to share Christina’s 10 tips for an Eco-Friendly Wedding with you!

Read her entire post here.

(courtesy of Intimate Weddings)

1. Go Small. The fewer guests you have, the less fossil fuels that will be used. You’ll also consume less, and create less garbage. Having a small guest list will also give you more choice of venues. Why not have your small wedding at a designated green inn or have a restaurant reception at a restaurant that serves local food?

2. Buy Consumable Favours. Consumable favours are fun, fabulous and earth friendly. Some suggestions include diy favors such as homemade jam, chocolate, cookies, candy, free-trade coffee, beeswax candles, handmade soap or lotion. If you still want to take the non-consumable route, what about cloth shopping bags, reusable produce bags, or other products that will help your guests pursue an eco-friendly lifestyle? Don’t forget to include information about local shops that carry eco-friendly products along with your favours.

3. Don’t buy any favours. Another wonderful option for favours is to donate money to a charity in the names of each guest. The guest receives a card that informs him or her that instead of a favour, money was donated to a specific charity. Read more about favor donations here.

4. Be a ‘Locavore’. Choose a caterer or restaurant that sources ingredients locally. Buying local ingredients supports your area farmers, as well as decreases your carbon imprint. Even better, choose locally sourced organic foods, and offer vegetarian choices for your meat-free guests.

5. Have your Ceremony and Reception in the Same Location. This will mean less travel for you and your guests. Many inns and bed and breakfasts can accommodate both the ceremony and the reception.

6. Use Potted Plants instead of Cut Flowers for Centerpieces. I admit, I’m crazy about fresh flowers, but I also love the idea of being able to enjoy my centerpieces long after the wedding. Potted flowers are lovely – so are potted herbs and saplings.

7. Buy a Second Hand Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid Dresses. Have you seen some of the gorgeous vintage gowns at

8. Ditch the Disposables. Don’t even think about having disposable cameras at your wedding. Chances are your guests will bring their own digital camera. You can even remind them in your invitation that you’d love for them to capture their wedding with their own camera and send you the images. And don’t forget the DIY wedding photo download station.

9. Don’t use Throwaway Dishes or Flatware. Use china dishes, flatware, cloth napkins and glasses instead of plastic cups. Not only will this save a ton of waste, it will look more elegant.

10. Scrap the Balloons and Confetti. Do you really need confetti? If you feel it’s a must, then use flower petals. Avoid balloons when decorating, as well as any other landfill bound decorations.


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It’s theme time again – Valentines Wedding Theme

Getting married on Valentine’s Day? You must be a true romantic. Have your Valentine’s Day Wedding reflect all the romance of your love story with special details. Even if you’re not getting married on Valentine’s Day, consider incorporating some of these touches for a truly inspiring day.

Attire: On Valentine’s Day, an old-fashioned look is always romantic. You’ll want to wear a classic style dress and tuxedo. Look to old movies, including Funny Face and legendary weddings including Grace Kelly’s and Jackie Kennedy’s. A second option is to go for a white dress with red accents. Wear your hair pulled back with red roses pinned into your chignon. Wrap a vibrant red shawl around your arms, and carry an overflowing bouquet of more red roses. Have your bridesmaids wear the same dress in varying shades of pink and red, and have groomsmen wear red ties with different red and pink boutonnieres.

Setting: Make sure you book your location early, as Valentine’s Day is a very popular day to tie the knot. Wed someplace that will allow you to light lots of candles to really set the mood for a late evening ceremony. Alternatively, look for a place warm enough in February to be in a secluded garden or a Victorian greenhouse filled with lush flowers. Decorate as you would for a romantic dinner- soft lighting, gauzy fabrics, flowers, candles, and plenty of atmosphere.

Ceremony: Ask married couples to stand during your wedding and reaffirm their love for each other.

Music: A string quartet or Italian opera singer will help set the mood. If you want to have a DJ, create a song list full of love songs.

Flowers: Flowers are by definition romantic, so use almost any flowers in abundance. While roses are the classic, roses in February are extremely expensive. So look to other pink and red flowers, including tulips, hydrangea, and freesia.

Menu: Why not fan the sparks between your guests by including some aphrodisiacs in the menu, including an oyster bar, asparagus, almonds, chicken with mole sauce (a Mexican chocolate sauce), and chocolate covered strawberries and bananas.

Invitations: Set the tone with your invitations by writing something like “Come celebrate love and romance on Valentine’s Day at the wedding of Jessica Lynn Baker and George Nicolas Pilitsis”

Favors: Give your guests tiny heart-shaped boxes of candy with a note attached saying “Thank you for being our Valentines. Love, Jessica and George.”

Special Touches: Instead of table numbers, name your tables after famous romantic couples. These can be real: Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn, fictional: Fred and Wilma Flintstone, contemporary: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, or ancient: Antony and Cleopatra.

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2012 Color Series – February Wedding

Whether you’re a romantic at heart, or favor bold, artsy trends, getting married in February gives you plenty of leeway for choosing the palest of pinks to the boldest reds and maroons. Have fun choosing the colors that match your personality!

Bold Red

Red is the obvious and dramatic color of Valentine’s romance – the traditional color of the heart as it relates to love. You can play on this color without being limited to the bright red of Hallmark Valentines. Deep burgundies and maroons are just as romantic.

For the very daring, think red for your wedding gown. Red gowns have been trendy in Europe for several years. If solid red is too shocking, consider a red and white gown, maybe with a dramatic red cape or silk pashmina.

You can also choose a different color to work as you basic theme shade, and just have small touches of red as accents in your flowers, bridal party attire and décor. Deep colors tend to be more dramatic than pastels – think regal blues, shimmering gold, deep greens and rich ivory shades all set a lovely backdrop for small suggestions of red.

Bold Red and Black Valentines Wedding

Perfectly Pink

Pink is a very traditional color, but we tend to the think of wedding pinks as once-upon-a-time cotton candy pink. Think “Steel Magnolia” décor consisting entirely of “pepto-bismal” pink everywhere. Bold pink can be a lot of fun, especially paired with brown or black and it doesn’t have to have a punk-rock feel to it.

Pink tulips, pink roses, even a pink satin garter can all add a perfect touch. Decorate with a romantic touch – soft lighting, gauzy fabrics, flowers, candles, and plenty of atmosphere.

Pale Pinks for Valentines Wedding

Whatever you choose ~~ make it all YOU!!!

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