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Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2011

I was reading a fantastic article today in that I found super interesting.  Trending is something I try not to do very often because everyone is so different and wants their wedding to reflect them.  Magazines, blogs and just other friends wedding always give great ideas that you can grow from – and that’s why I love taking a peek.  Check it out…

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2011

Purple and turquoise, sequined tablecloths, bite-size tacos—what else is hot this year? BRIDES magazine asked 10 influential party people to predict the next big things.

1) Bite-size fish tacos
2) Mini gourmet-mac-and-cheese tubs
3) Baby lobster rolls
4) Zucchini fries in cones
5) Asian slaw salad with mini California rolls

1) rooftops
2) pool decks
3) fields and meadows

1) aubergine (eggplant)
2) sapphire
3) deep turquoise


It’s all about showpieces. They are supercreative and personalized to the max: printed on fabric, styled like movie posters, mimicking vintage postcards—you name it.

Call it lavender, grape, lilac…. Brides are gaga for the royal hue in all its tonal variations.

A single type of flower in multiple containers of all sizes and shapes.

This year’s shade is a sophisticated dusty blush—especially chic when combined with charcoal gray or silver.

1) seasonal
2) local
3) organic
4) farm-to-table

The groom’s cake. It’s all about his interests—created to look like a record player, a race car, even a fishing hole or a golf course. And yet…it’s served at the rehearsal dinner, so as not to steal the wedding cake’s spotlight on the big day.

BRIDES magazine


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It’s Theme Time Again!! – Colors – Green Wedding

I’ve found this amazing article about using the color green as a wedding color – and not just being green for the environment.  I’m a huge, huge fan of the color green. So for this board I thought I’d focus on green textures: ferns, leaves, limes, succulents and so on. Greenery can also be used as an alternative to floral centerpieces which can be great for the budget and is eco-friendly.

Description: contemporary greenery, texture

Column from left to right, top to bottom: {Column 1} 1. Ryan Phillips 2. Paulette Macarons 3. Vallentyne Photography 4. Gentl & Hyers {Column 2} 1. Anna Williams 2. Vallentyne Photographer 3. Elizabeth Messina {Column 3} 1. Gemma Comas 2. Tina Rupp

Considering the state of the economy these days, having an eco friendly wedding can be beneficial for both the environment and your budget.  This wedding from Brides is a perfect example of ways to both cut costs while recycling things you might already own or can get for a deep discount:

The multicolored vases on the table are all recycled glass.  To accomplish something similar, you could either collect vases from friends and family (or from your own collection) or search ebay and local flea markets for used vases within your budget.  The favors are individual pots full of moss, which you can buy in sheets for a very low price at your local nursery.  Plus, they are something that your guests can keep to be reminded of your wedding day!

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