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Pros + Cons to Wedding Programs

Deciding on a whether or not to include a wedding program in the items you give your guests?  Here is a list of pros and cons to this stationery piece to help you choose whether this is an extra something nice to have but that you can skip or something you really should include in the budget.

Pros to Having a Wedding Program

*If you are having a ceremony that incorporates a lot of religious or cultural traditions (such as Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, etc) that many of your guests may not be familiar with, having a program that outlines the ceremony, lets guests know when to stand, kneel, respond back to readings, etc is super helpful for allowing guests to follow along and not feel awkwardly out of place or embarrassed that they aren’t familiar with a certain aspect of your ceremony.  Your Catholic ceremony may seem common sense to you, but to someone who has never stepped foot in a liturgical church, it can be pretty foreign.

*Wedding programs allow you to honor your bridal party and other attendants by showing off their names and wedding roles in print.

*The programs can also multitask stylishly.  If your reception venue is at a different location than your ceremony site, directions and a map can be included on one of the pages for the guests who inevitably forget to bring the original reception card from the wedding invitation.

*Wedding programs give your guests something to do with their hands during the ceremony.  Granted, this should not be your top concern, but there is definitely a psychological plus to having something to hold or fidget with, especially with the emotion and sometimes nervous energy that can accompany weddings.

Cons to Having a Wedding Program

*The cost can be significantly higher than your wedding invitations depending on what you need to include and how many pages that information will take up.  This may be an area that you can skip and funnel those dollars into another portion of your budget.

*While some of your guests will keep the wedding programs for all of eternity (come on now, I know I am not the only one who does this), many will get tossed by the end of the night.  Weddings can produce a great deal of waste, and if your ceremony is straightforward and doesn’t require guest participation or unfamiliar elements, you may opt to offer them a welcome glass of Prosecco as they take their seats instead.

Tips for Having a Wedding Program

*Include all pertinent information your guests should know: ceremony outline, when they should respond to a reading, specific practices regarding communion or other religious rites (is it open to everybody? just church members? etc), when they should stand, sit, kneel, and so on and so forth.

*Plan for one program per couple and one per single guest.  This will help stretch your budget a bit, reduce waste, and most people don’t mind sharing.  Be sure to let your hostesses or ushers know about these numbers so that they don’t hand one to everybody and run out towards the end.

*Have your wedding coordinator set a program on the seats of family members who may be included in the processional, such as mothers, grandmothers, other honored guests, etc before the ceremony begins.  This ensures that they have the program for the ceremony, but they don’t have to worry about carrying it and it isn’t visible in any photos of them coming down the aisle.

Are you including a ceremony program in your wedding?  Why or why not?


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It’s Theme Time Again!! – The Rustic Country Wedding

Rustic wedding themes are about using earthy colors, natural elements and the natural environment. Rustic receptions can be casual and warm or elegant and classy. When planning a rustic reception, the setting is the most important, followed by small touches like hanging lanterns for romantic lighting and twigs or branches included in centerpieces. Rustic ideas can come from primitive or Americana crafts as well, such as ivy and distressed wood decor.

Rustic Colors and Favors

  • Rustic or country colors are deep reds, burnt orange, yellow, browns, beige and greens. Include wedding theme colors in the reception decorations and even wedding favors. Wrap gingham ribbon in orange and yellow or red and beige around clear cube favor boxes filled with candy, or around cardboard boxes filled with flavored popcorn.

Reception Setting Ideas

  • A rustic reception should be at places that have the old, country atmosphere. Some of these places can be old boat houses, fishing or hunting lodges, ski resort lodges, rustic barns, horse ranches or vineyards. in Aspen, Colorado, features breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, at an elevation of 11,212 feet. After the ceremony, you can host a rustic wedding reception at the Aspen Mountain Club, where pine wood paneling, warm stone fireplaces, antique Austrian tables and hand-woven needlepoint rugs provide a country and cozy setting.

Wedding Cake Ideas

  • A rustic wedding cake can feature country details such as maple leaves instead of flowers. The wedding cake can be the traditional butter cream filling and fondant icing, but the leaves can be in red, green, and orange in fall colors to mimic falling maple leaves. Add tan and red berry details on the bottom and throughout the cake, inspired by primitive country home decor. For a cake topper, use a dark red, primitive star instead of a monogram. The cake topper can be edible or a distressed metal piece.


  • Sunflowers are common in rustic weddings, because they are rich in color and reflect the landscape. They can be used to decorate both the ceremony and reception. For reception tables, place them in clear glass vases or large Mason jars with a deep red ribbon around the top of the jars. You can add other flowers in with them, such as black-eyed Susans.

Fall Leaves

  • Like sunflowers, fall leaves are a versatile decoration that can be used for both the ceremony and reception. Consider mixing small autumn leaves with flower petals in the flower girl’s basket. For a reception centerpiece, fill a shallow crystal platter with autumn leaves, and add gold and red candles as a finishing touch. If you’re concerned about the leaves catching on fire, consider using silk leaves instead of real ones. If the venue will not allow the use of lit candles, consider investing in flame-less candles, available at most retailers.

Twinkle Lights

  • Tents and barns are logical venues for rustic weddings. Dress the location up with white twinkle lights around the edges of the rafters, or drape them from the ceiling of the tent.

Harvest Garlands

  • Use harvest garlands to decorate a rustic wedding. These can be made from artificial vegetables and gourds, or you can make them yourself using real ones. If specific areas will be roped off during the ceremony, such as the ends of the aisles, consider using a harvest garland instead of rope or ribbon.

Bales of Hay

  • If you want an extremely rustic country wedding, incorporate bales of hay into both the ceremony and reception. You might place two bales at the end of the aisle where the wedding ceremony will take place, or set them next to the buffet tables during the reception.

Colored Aisle Runner

  • Although aisle runners are traditionally white, you can use an earth-toned color for a rustic wedding. Consider a deep red or yellow runner for the ceremony to reflect both the theme and the landscape.

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Eco-Friendly Recycled Paper & Envelopes-Paper & Enviroment

Everyone knows, that reads this blog anyway, how passionate we are about the environment.   Maybe it’s because I practically from Colorado and we are serious tree huggers ~gardeners, farmer’s market kind of people!!  Or maybe it’s because my husband and I have a 4 year old son and I want this world to be as beautiful for him as it has been for us.  Either way, as often as we can make a fully recycled invitation suite for a customer, we do….

It Pays To Think Green

In our increasingly eco-conscious society, waste management and resource conservation are topics of much concern. And one concerned person can make quite a difference. Whether you’re organizing a social event, planning a wedding or just selecting materials for use in your own projects, it can pay to “think green” and consider using recycled paper.

Why Buy Recycled Paper?

Well, recycled paper production offers many environmental advantages over “virgin” (nonrecycled) production:

  • Conserves resources, energy, and landfill space (Approximately 35% of solid waste sent to landfills consists of paper!)
  • Protects and preserves forests and ecosystems
  • Produces less pollution
  • Reduces the use of toxic chemicals

Comparable Performance To Non-Recycled Papers

In addition to the environmental benefits, recycled papers have many of the same perks as their virgin counterparts.

  • Comparable performance in printers and copiers
  • Often indistinguishable from non-recycled stock in color, weight, and tone.
  • Many lines of recycled paper are acid-free (a measure of their longevity) just like virgin papers
  • Can also be Process Chlorine Free (PCF), which simply means that the paper was not exposed to any forms of chlorine while being made — thereby preventing the release of harmful toxins that can occur during the paper bleaching process.

PC100 – The Greenest Paper Of Them All

Fortunately, LCI Paper offers several lines of partially and fully-recycled paper stock to match any project needs our customers may have. The “greenest” of these is our PC100 card stock and envelope line manufactured by Monadnock Paper Mills, located in Bennington, NH. PC100 paper contains 100% post-consumer recycled fibers — this means that it’s constructed only of fibers that otherwise, would have ended up as solid waste.

environmental logos

  • PC100 paper is extremely bright and clean
  • Manufactured using only natural, renewable sources of energy such as wind and water power
  • PC100 paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an independent accreditation association whose goal is to ensure that responsible land use and resource conservation practices are strictly followed. The FSC seal of approval ensures that the product you’re purchasing adheres to their strict environmental regulations.

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8 Great Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall is a very popular time for weddings. primarily because of the weather and that nature masterfully weaves its color palette into stunning displays of oranges, yellows, reds and browns. It’s natures best color coordinated season of the year. Brides simply love this season and here are some great ideas to accentuate your fall wedding planning.

1) Location
Make sure that wherever you host your wedding, that it’s somewhere that is accented by the natural beauty of the season. A quiet Victorian style church surrounded by trees in their fall colors makes for some incredibly brilliant wedding photo opportunities. Mountain settings are simply stunning if you can get your location reserved before that other bride does!

2) Set the Tone
It’s good to plan ahead and make your guests aware of your fall themed wedding in advance. This may help to steer them in their choice of fashion accessories such as maple leaf broaches or autumn color handkerchiefs. Set the pace by sending our leaf save the date cards or wedding invitations with a fall or autumn feel to them. There are tons of wedding invitations places online including Get Married’s shop which carries some nice unique wedding invitations that you won’t find anywhere else.

3) Fall decorations
It’s also important to make sure that your guests can enjoy the seasonal colors whether they are inside or out by decorating the tables with centerpieces that use colorful leaves, straw, dried flowers, and pumpkin colors. Keeping within the brown and yellow spectrum of colors will be eye catching. Small details like using a Leaf Guestbook or maple leaf place card holders make very dramatic statements. Handmade tablecloths and doilies also give a small town feel that adds a nice touch.

4) Fall wedding favors
Give your guests fall wedding favors that will help them to remember the occasion. They may not remember details, but when they get to take home fall themed wedding favors like copper leaf bottle stoppers, place card holders, or simply any of the many ideas that are available out there, you give them a point of reference to remember the occasion. If leaves or pumpkin type gifts aren’t your style, at least try and manage to stick to your color palette.


5) Dress Color
In some people’s eyes, the only potential downside to a fall wedding is the dress color. An off white wedding dress is normally a safer bet with fall weddings. primarily because a bright white dress can clash with your fall motif. Be sure to stick to the color coordination since you are the focal point of the day. If you’ve inherited a white dress or refuse to walk down the aisle in anything but white, it won’t ruin the day, but it’s that attention to detail that will set the bar. Also ensure that the wedding party and especially bridesmaid dresses will help to support your color choices.

6) Food
Your fall wedding menu should highlight food of the autumn season with selections like pumpkin pie, pecan pie, squash, zucchini, and apple cider with cinnamon sticks. Don’t forget your vegetarian guests as well. Likewise your wedding cake should also have fall colors and decorations incorporated into layers or decorations. Placing the cake on a light brown or dust yellow tablecloth surrounded by leafs would be a great eye catcher.

7) Everyone knows
Out of all of the great fall wedding tips that are available out there, be sure that you keep the color coordination on the top of everyone’s mind. Let your wedding planner know your plans so that they can inform all of the right people and monitor the situation for you. The caterer needs to know that you want your menu seasonal so that they can plan accordingly. It’s just very important that everyone is aware of your autumn motif to make sure that they don’t add something to the mix to clash with your flow and feel of fall.

8) Lighting
Make sure that whoever is in charge of decorating, that they keep the lighting subdued and not bright white. All of your colors can get washed away in bright white light. Keep lighting off-white or yellow to keep the ambiance flowing even in the air. If the DJ will be supplying lighting as well, be sure that they know of your color plans so that their “disco lights” don’t ruin everything you worked so hard to create. But more importantly, be sure to let your wedding photographer know about the yellow lighting since yellow plays havoc on white balance. It’s best they know as far in advance as possible.

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