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Everyone knows, that reads this blog anyway, how passionate we are about the environment.   Maybe it’s because I practically from Colorado and we are serious tree huggers ~gardeners, farmer’s market kind of people!!  Or maybe it’s because my husband and I have a 4 year old son and I want this world to be as beautiful for him as it has been for us.  Either way, as often as we can make a fully recycled invitation suite for a customer, we do….

It Pays To Think Green

In our increasingly eco-conscious society, waste management and resource conservation are topics of much concern. And one concerned person can make quite a difference. Whether you’re organizing a social event, planning a wedding or just selecting materials for use in your own projects, it can pay to “think green” and consider using recycled paper.

Why Buy Recycled Paper?

Well, recycled paper production offers many environmental advantages over “virgin” (nonrecycled) production:

  • Conserves resources, energy, and landfill space (Approximately 35% of solid waste sent to landfills consists of paper!)
  • Protects and preserves forests and ecosystems
  • Produces less pollution
  • Reduces the use of toxic chemicals

Comparable Performance To Non-Recycled Papers

In addition to the environmental benefits, recycled papers have many of the same perks as their virgin counterparts.

  • Comparable performance in printers and copiers
  • Often indistinguishable from non-recycled stock in color, weight, and tone.
  • Many lines of recycled paper are acid-free (a measure of their longevity) just like virgin papers
  • Can also be Process Chlorine Free (PCF), which simply means that the paper was not exposed to any forms of chlorine while being made — thereby preventing the release of harmful toxins that can occur during the paper bleaching process.

PC100 – The Greenest Paper Of Them All

Fortunately, LCI Paper offers several lines of partially and fully-recycled paper stock to match any project needs our customers may have. The “greenest” of these is our PC100 card stock and envelope line manufactured by Monadnock Paper Mills, located in Bennington, NH. PC100 paper contains 100% post-consumer recycled fibers — this means that it’s constructed only of fibers that otherwise, would have ended up as solid waste.

environmental logos

  • PC100 paper is extremely bright and clean
  • Manufactured using only natural, renewable sources of energy such as wind and water power
  • PC100 paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an independent accreditation association whose goal is to ensure that responsible land use and resource conservation practices are strictly followed. The FSC seal of approval ensures that the product you’re purchasing adheres to their strict environmental regulations.

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