It’s Theme Time Again!! – The Rustic Country Wedding

Rustic wedding themes are about using earthy colors, natural elements and the natural environment. Rustic receptions can be casual and warm or elegant and classy. When planning a rustic reception, the setting is the most important, followed by small touches like hanging lanterns for romantic lighting and twigs or branches included in centerpieces. Rustic ideas can come from primitive or Americana crafts as well, such as ivy and distressed wood decor.

Rustic Colors and Favors

  • Rustic or country colors are deep reds, burnt orange, yellow, browns, beige and greens. Include wedding theme colors in the reception decorations and even wedding favors. Wrap gingham ribbon in orange and yellow or red and beige around clear cube favor boxes filled with candy, or around cardboard boxes filled with flavored popcorn.

Reception Setting Ideas

  • A rustic reception should be at places that have the old, country atmosphere. Some of these places can be old boat houses, fishing or hunting lodges, ski resort lodges, rustic barns, horse ranches or vineyards. in Aspen, Colorado, features breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, at an elevation of 11,212 feet. After the ceremony, you can host a rustic wedding reception at the Aspen Mountain Club, where pine wood paneling, warm stone fireplaces, antique Austrian tables and hand-woven needlepoint rugs provide a country and cozy setting.

Wedding Cake Ideas

  • A rustic wedding cake can feature country details such as maple leaves instead of flowers. The wedding cake can be the traditional butter cream filling and fondant icing, but the leaves can be in red, green, and orange in fall colors to mimic falling maple leaves. Add tan and red berry details on the bottom and throughout the cake, inspired by primitive country home decor. For a cake topper, use a dark red, primitive star instead of a monogram. The cake topper can be edible or a distressed metal piece.


  • Sunflowers are common in rustic weddings, because they are rich in color and reflect the landscape. They can be used to decorate both the ceremony and reception. For reception tables, place them in clear glass vases or large Mason jars with a deep red ribbon around the top of the jars. You can add other flowers in with them, such as black-eyed Susans.

Fall Leaves

  • Like sunflowers, fall leaves are a versatile decoration that can be used for both the ceremony and reception. Consider mixing small autumn leaves with flower petals in the flower girl’s basket. For a reception centerpiece, fill a shallow crystal platter with autumn leaves, and add gold and red candles as a finishing touch. If you’re concerned about the leaves catching on fire, consider using silk leaves instead of real ones. If the venue will not allow the use of lit candles, consider investing in flame-less candles, available at most retailers.

Twinkle Lights

  • Tents and barns are logical venues for rustic weddings. Dress the location up with white twinkle lights around the edges of the rafters, or drape them from the ceiling of the tent.

Harvest Garlands

  • Use harvest garlands to decorate a rustic wedding. These can be made from artificial vegetables and gourds, or you can make them yourself using real ones. If specific areas will be roped off during the ceremony, such as the ends of the aisles, consider using a harvest garland instead of rope or ribbon.

Bales of Hay

  • If you want an extremely rustic country wedding, incorporate bales of hay into both the ceremony and reception. You might place two bales at the end of the aisle where the wedding ceremony will take place, or set them next to the buffet tables during the reception.

Colored Aisle Runner

  • Although aisle runners are traditionally white, you can use an earth-toned color for a rustic wedding. Consider a deep red or yellow runner for the ceremony to reflect both the theme and the landscape.


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