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Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette

Lately, I’ve been asked about Save the Dates and Bridal Shower Invitation frequently and thought I’d put a little information about etiquette on both.  I found this great article and thought I would re-post it because it was so interesting.

Are you hosting a bridal shower and wondering about the do’s andbridal shower invitations don’ts in bridal shower invitation etiquette?  After scanning dozens more articles than showers I will ever attend, I’ve compiled a list of top hints on the subject.  Hope it helps!

The most important data elements to include on a bridal shower invitation are of course the date, time, location, and any special instructions such as a bridal shower theme or specific planned activity.  As many guests will likely have a GPS or access to online directions, including driving directions is not as critical as in the past.  But if you do not include them be sure to include the exact street address of the chosen shower location.

Who to invite?  Couples bridal showers are becoming quite popular.  But for a traditional female-only bridal shower, you do not need to invite every female wedding guest to the bridal shower.  Guests usually include relatives and close friends of the bride and groom, and occasionally close work colleagues.  All shower invitees should also be invited to the wedding. If there is someone close to the bride who you know won’t be able to attend, do still send her an invitation – a close friend will see this as a welcome gesture rather than a solicitation for gifts!

OK to include registry details?  Let’s face it; the point of a bridal bridal showershower is to shower the bride with gifts to start her married life. To that end, it is perfectly appropriate to include the bride’s registry information on the invitation.  I researched this point quite a bit and while a few sources preferred not to include this info, the majority agreed it was perfectly appropriate (but NOT on the wedding invitation).

When to send?  Send invitations between four and six weeks before the event, particularly if it’s during those busy summer months.  If multiple people are hosting the shower, ask guests to RSVP to a single person for easier attendance tracking.

And finally, remember to reserve an invitation for the bride herself, it will be a great keepsake for her wedding album!


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It’s Theme Time Again!! – The Halloween Wedding

What could possibly be more fun than planning a Halloween themed wedding? Keep in mind that a Halloween themed wedding does not have to be held on Halloween. You can have the ceremony the weekend before or the weekend after. The best thing about planning a spooktacular wedding is all the fun choices available for planning your wedding. Here are just a few fun tips for getting you Halloween wedding planning started.

• First decide how far you want to go with the Halloween theme. You can either go all out with all the Halloween trimmings, such as jack-o’-lanterns, bubbling cauldrons and costumes or you can have an elegant Harvest wedding with beautiful fall colors, pumpkin, gourds and leafy décor.
• Selecting your color scheme allows for many choices. Of course black and orange is one choice but you can also use red, yellow, copper or green, the options are endless. Have your groom and his attendants wear black tuxedos with tails to add mystery to their attire. Your bridesmaids can wear black and carry blood red roses for their bouquets. Brides should look for gothic style wedding dress with long flowing sleeves and tight bodices.
• For a dramatic Halloween centerpiece you could use wrought iron candelabras or Black Mini Lantern Tea Light Candle Holders with small gourds and pumpkins around the base. If you want to keep the mood truly Halloween add spider weds with plastic spiders to your centerpieces. Pumpkins are my favorite and they are very versatile. Buy some small pumpkins and stencils and carve your table numbers into the pumpkins.
• Everyone associates Halloween with candy, so a candy buffet is a must. Use all the fun candies of the season such as candy corn and taffy. You could also include caramel apples and sugar cookie cut-outs shaped as ghost and pumpkins. Don’t forget to add dry ice to the punch bowl to add the bubbling cauldron effect.
• Now it’s time to get into your scary groove. Have your DJ play plenty of fun Halloween songs through-out the evening like Monster Mash and Thriller. The sound track from the movie The Nightmare before Christmas also has some great music for a Halloween themed wedding.

Halloween is the holiday that allows us to be anything we want to be, so make you Halloween themed wedding the wedding of a lifetime. A Halloween wedding is a wedding that won’t soon be forgotten.

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