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2012 Wedding Colors ~~ Winter Weddings 101

Maybe you weren’t quick enough to lock in a June wedding date, or maybe you just want to do something a little different from the rest of the pack. The colors of winter are deeper and richer, allowing you greater latitude than spring and summer brides, who traditionally stick with tried and true pastels. Here are a passel of winter themes and ideas to help you plan a spectacular winter wedding, starting with holiday themes and spanning through the most romantic of holidays—St. Valentine’s Day.
Winter weddings lend themselves to sparkle and glitz against rich, jewel-toned colors. Wedding invitations imprinted inside holiday or winter greeting cards present an alternative to the usual ivory engraved wedding invitations. You can serve non-traditional beverages such as hot mulled cider, hot buttered rum, etc., and you can probably get a discount on your favorite venue for any date except a Christmas week wedding if you reserve six to eight months in advance.

Christmas wedding
Add your Christmas wedding to next year’s Christmas calendar now to ensure that the busiest holiday schedule replete with festivities can accommodate your holiday wedding. Plan your wedding around silver, gold, ruby, emerald, amethyst, and sapphire—the jewel tones. Use rich fabrics such as velvet, satin and silk. Add brocade bows for a festive touch.

Set the mood for a Christmas wedding reception
Select a wedding hall with large gold mirrors, a fireplace and a wide curved staircase. The entire venue will glisten with holiday decorations, and the decorations will complement your own decorations.

Christmas wedding bouquet and floral displays
Give poinsettias and amaryllis the spotlight during your Christmas wedding and reception. Add white roses, gardenias, and lilies as accents, and fill in with eucalyptus, pine cones, holly, evergreen and nandina. Surround your guests with the scent of eucalyptus and pine. Small poinsettias surrounded by pine branches sprayed with snow as table centerpieces encourage your guests to talk to one another without having to lean around the centerpiece.

Christmas wedding favor ideas
• Gold or silver bell with an emerald satin ribbon
• Miniature silver salt and pepper shakers
• Gold heart-shaped basket with Christmas potpourri
• Miniature gold or silvers bells – guests can hang these on their Christmas trees at home
• One gold and one silver candy cane tied together with one green and one red intertwined ribbon.

Winter Wonderland wedding
If you prefer a non-religious wedding theme, the winter wonderland theme offers some of the options of the Christmas theme and introduces new options into the mix. Silver, sky blue and white simulate a cold, snowy winter day and offer many options for accent colors. If your wedding is an evening ceremony, consider a color scheme of midnight blue with gold accents to simulate the clear night sky and twinkling stars.


Winter Wonderland wedding bouquet and floral displays
Replace the traditional floral display for the reception buffet table with an ice sculpture surrounded by pine branches with pinecones and evergreen branches with berries. Spray the pinecones gold or silver and add a huge gold or silver metallic bow. Use winter foliage and branches in place of delicate baby’s breath for greenery, and use masses of large, white flowers such as amaryllis tinged with yellow, pure white lilies with a hint of yellow center and white hydrangeas. Oversized white flowers with a touch of accent color work particularly well against a backdrop of winter branches and foliage. As an alternative to floral centerpieces, small sleigh ice sculptures amid winter branches, foliage and snow add seasonal authenticity to your reception tables. Huge white magnolia blossoms floating in water in crystal bowls offer yet another dramatic alternative. Magnolia leaves painted with gold paint add to the drama.

Winter Wonderland wedding favor ideas
• Crystal bell
• Star-shaped white tealight candles
• Miniature silver champagne bucket filled with candies
• Antique miniature boxes filled with pine-scented potpourri

Valentine’s Day wedding
If you’re getting married on the most romantic day of the year, your wedding calls for a red and white color scheme: roses, roses, and more roses everywhere! You can play up the hearts theme in a number of ways from a stacked heart-shaped cake to heart-shaped tealight candles adding a twinkle to the centerpieces. Anything heart-shaped or red and white add to the overall ambience of a wedding on this special day. Wear a Swarovski Austrian heart crystal around your neck, and top your bridal gown with a white shawl fringed in simulated white fur to complete your bridal ensemble.

Valentine’s Day wedding bouquet and floral displays
Bi-colored red and white roses with either color as the predominant color add variety to the bridal bouquet and floral arrangements. Complement the variegated look of the bi-colored roses with variegated greenery. If you use other flowers, you’ll want to make sure that they are a true red, not the orange-red that’s more common in flowers. Consider small arrangements of clear and red crystal roses in crystal vases with crystal marbles as your table centerpieces.

Valentine’s Day wedding favor ideas
• Antique silver heart keepsake box
• Chocolate kisses in a red or white mesh bag, tied with a red ribbon.
• White chocolate truffles
• Heart-shaped ornament – your guests can use it on the Christmas tree next year
• Single long-stemmed red rose.
Winter offers many opportunities for unusual wedding ideas. There are few opportunities to attend formal occasions between the New Year and Valentine’s Day. If you’re having trouble setting a winter date, consider setting your date during the winter lull. Your guests will remember the highlight of the winter season for many years to come—and so will you.



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