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Top Wedding & Invitations Trends Without Breaking The Bank

This year’s hot wedding trends are quite the eclectic mix. Old Hollywood Glamour, Vintage Gone Modern, Rustic Fairytale Dreams, along with the return of Traditional and Formal elements. It can be daunting to figure out how to incorporate these trends into your wedding without going overboard and without breaking the bank. Below are the top wedding trends broken down into DIY elements to get your creative juices flowing.

Pink invitation with lace


Last year’s Royal Wedding has sparked a Lace movement. Kate Middleton showed us that lace doesn’t have to belong to doilies and doll clothes anymore. The “look” of lace is showing up everywhere from dresses and cake stencils to stationery.

Lace wrapped around a layered invitation screams beauty, elegance, and romance. For more of a modern twist, use textured paper as a wrap around a flat invitation or use textured vellum as a wrap for cupcakes and desserts. Lace can be daunting to incorporate into your big day, especially if you’re not a lace kind of bride. Textured paper such as patterned linen and vellum work nicely as a lace accent without being too much.

paper flower bouquet

Old Hollywood Glamour

The days of feathers, red and gold accents, and large lush flowers have made their way back. This trend really lends a feel of the dramatic and gives your wedding that wow factor. To mix a bit of this trend into your event, think outside the box. While large billowy flowers adorned with rhinestone accents are the next best things to the actual wedding, the price tag can pack a very large punch to your budget. Get the look with a mix of paper flowers and cut your floral budget by more than half. Yes that says paper flowers. These are so easy to make and are seriously made out of paper and adorned with flea market brooches, craft rhinestones and glitter. These look amazing as the bride’s bouquet and also as centerpieces for your reception.

card suitcase

Vintage Gone Modern

One of the hottest trends right now in everything from clothing to weddings is the return of “the days gone by era”. Adding elements with a vintage touch, gives your wedding a fun whimsical feel. Personalized vintage favors are thoughtful and such and easy way to incorporate this DIY element into your wedding. Tie a name tag with ribbon around a mason jar, or glue a name tag to one side to make a favor that does triple duty as an escort card. Your guests can use this as their drinking glass for the evening, which also cuts down on the cost of renting glassware.

Use an old train case or suitcase decorated with ribbon flowers and cut out letters, as your cardholder. Or turn this idea into a “wishes case” by changing out the letters to say “Wishes For The Couple” and set out little pieces paper and colorful gel pens and let your guests write wedding wishes and advice for you. You will have a time capsule of wishes and advice that you and your spouse can pull out on your anniversary and read through.

black and white wedding invitation with formal typography

Formal Invitations

The last decade in weddings has been fun and modern. Brides are now opting for something more formal and reminiscent of the pictures of their mother’s formal traditional wedding. To keep your formal elements relaxed and modern, opt for a few standout elements that are riddled with class and elegance. Set the tone for your wedding with a letterpress look invitation in black and white, without the letterpress price tag. A thick luxurious card stock and the right fonts can make your stationery look like letterpress even when you print it off your desktop printer at home. Use a shimmering metallic cardstock to add a luxurious feel. Make sure to use wedding tissue with this kind of invitation to follow through with the formal theme.

Guest signed wine bottle

Formal weddings are known for serving a red and white wine at each table. Make your own personalized wine labels or wine bottle wraps and glue them onto each bottle. If you have a large wedding and serving wine at every table is out of the question, try a wine bottle guest book alternative. Print your own labels for four to 6 wine bottles. Make sure to have your names and date on each one, as well as the anniversary date to be opened. Make a sign with instructions for guests to sign your wine, and leave gold and silver pen markers in a glass jar next to the wine. This is not only a great guest book alternative, but it also starts a tradition for each milestone anniversary. Open the indicated wine on each anniversary as you toast your lives together and reminisce.

wishing tree guest book

Rustic Fairytale

Movies such as Snow White and Twilight have made us long for fairytale dreams of that first kiss under the twinkle of the stars. Outdoor weddings are huge this year, but dependent of course upon the weather. You can turn any décor rustic with the use of natural elements such as wood, rocks and greenery. Print invitations on wood grain card stock. Tie hemp twine or burlap over your ribbon and add scattered rhinestones if you want some bling on it.

Instead of a guestbook use a wishing tree. Set tree branches in a flowerpot or glass vase; adorn it with white lights, paper flowers or crystals. Print wish tags with your names and date on them and let your guests write well wishes and hang them with ribbon from tree.

Incorporating elements of the hottest trends can be fun and when used in the most unexpected ways, will give your wedding a personal touch and allow your wedding to reflect your personality.


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Themed Engagement Sessions: Hobbies

I’ve found so many creative and fun ideas for engagement portraits I just couldn’t wait to share them with you!

If you don’t have a favorite movie, it may be easier to portray a favorite hobby.  Like I mentioned in my last post about engagement session themes (and any theme for that matter) as long as it fits your personalities your pictures will turn out great!  I have listed some of my favorite hobby’s that couples are using as the theme for their engagement pictures.

Sports like baseball and football are great for showing off your personalities and favorite interests. Check out how these brides used sports as the inspiration for their pictures.

Do you love camping together?  How cute are these camping pictures?!

If your man loves fishing why not use that as the theme for the engagement shoot? I think this bride-to-be looks so adorable with her dress and yellow rain boots!

If you both love water sports like surfing, use that as the inspiration for your engagement session!

Do you love reading books? You could have your photo shoot in a bookstore or coffee shop!

I love this engagement shoot with the couple riding their bikes.

And lastly, you have one of those areas that you love to go together ~~ shopping, eating or just having fun.  You both love being downtown in your city?  How about an urban engagement shoot.

As you can see, there are so many different options you can choose from.  Just pick something you love to do together and plan your engagement session around that!

Picture Sources:,,,,,,,,,

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Ideas on 2012 Summer Wedding Colors

One of the easier and more fun things to do in planning your wedding is your wedding theme colors. Here is a picture of the colors for summer 2012. Light and cool and romantic, the colors appear this year. Try combinations you really like color-wise and try some of these beautiful combinations below, so you exactly what you are dreaming, it will be.

First a top pick for a wedding in the summer, tangerine and pink. WOW!

The combination is light and cheerful, like a bridesmaid bouquet of mandarin and pink carnations and pink ribbon streamers of mandarin.

Spray roses would be elegant, but are more expensive than carnations, makes a great comeback, such as a wedding flower of choice.

Images:Room InspirationIkat FabricPink & Orange PartySomewhere SplendidHot Pink Ikat TablescapePink Orange Ikat Invitation

Second I love purple and soft limestone as a nice color theme. Florists use more shades of green in bouquets, such as green hydrangea and bells of Ireland.

You will also spin mothers, orchids, carnations and mini-mini-button poms in shades of green.

Purple Calla Lilies are beautiful as lilac, heather and orchids. There are many ways in a price range from cheap to very expensive.

Images:  The Dressy Group

Third Red and pink is a different light and soft combination that creates a romantic colors and bouquets of red roses and pink spray for your bridesmaids is simply breathtaking.

Red and / or Gerber daisies and pink carnations can be beautifully arranged and less expensive than roses or orchids.

Check for red and pink flowers that are seasonal in your area.

4th White on white is always a great subject, and there are actually white as you go for a really tasty combination “killer” look. There are cream, ivory, eggshell, ecru, buff, and much more. Just to be sure that the white connecting each other.

Your bouquet can change the white on white theme, or they can color your white on white theme.  Wedding Paper Divas

5th Blue and White Willow is a different color choice, and in 2012 chosen by many brides. It’s a combination that is complementary to just about anyone.

You can use blue and white pieces for China centerpiece arrangements and a touch of red and sunny yellow to give an interesting climax.

6th Peach and silver is a cool combination of colors for a summer wedding and looks very elegant when used in appropriate dress. Let the groomsmen in black tuxedos and peach west or tires. The bridesmaid dresses in peach would be charming and maybe a silver sash to accentuate the dress.

At the reception image peach towels and napkins with silver cage for your tables. Have an arrangement of different sized candles in peach and silver to a reflecting mirror for the centerpieces. A nice thought, how nice it would be.

The seventh shades of lilac and soft baby blue is just really a great color combo and a little different for 2012. The colors blend so well and are a cool look on a hot summer day.

Use these colors in your ceremony and reception decorations and bridal apparel.

A touch of white, with the theme colors the accent of freshness and improves the purple and blue to use.

The bottom line is this important day for the two of you, summer wedding theme colors you want to pick up in person and talk about your personality. Have fun and make it truly your special day.

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2012 Spring Wedding Colors

With the spring wedding season upon us,  I wanted to take the time to look at this years color trends for Spring 2012.

According to Pantone’s report, some of the standout shades for spring include:

Tangerine Tango – an enticing juicy orange, is a vivacious and appealing refresher to enliven anyone’s outlook this spring.

Solar Power – a deep, but bright shade of yellow, radiates warmth and cheer.

Sodalite Blue –  a classic maritime hue, brings order and calmness to mind. Like an anchor to a ship, this dependable shade works with every color in the palette.

Cabaret –  is a sensual and intense rosy-red — an excellent choice for summer clothing and cosmetics.

Cockatoo –  a tactile blue-green, is sure to make your spirits soar. This unusual hue adds a whimsical touch to the palette and will surely make a statement this spring.

Bellflower, a distinct ornamental purple, exudes uniqueness and creativity.

Sweet Lilac evokes the fresh scents of summer. This delicate pinkish lilac adds a touch of romance to any wardrobe.

Margarita – a piquant yellow-green, lifts spirits with its refreshing and stimulating glow. Reminiscent of a blossoming garden on an early spring morning, fragrant Sweet Lilac evokes the fresh scents of summer. This delicate pinkish lilac adds a touch of romance to any wardrobe.

Driftwood – an adaptable blend of beige and gray with a slightly weathered feel.

Starfish is a perfect warm summer neutral.

For an ultra-bold vibrant wedding look this spring, try mixing Bellflower with Tangerine Tango and Cabaret.

Combine Margarita with Sweet Lilac and Cockatoo for a subtle alternative, or combine Margarita with Sweet Lilac and Driftwood for a more practical variation. Solar Power is best juxtaposed with Sodalite Blue. For a safer bet, add a natural neutral like Starfish to the mix.”

So, practically speaking, how can these trendy colors be incorporated into your wedding look? The sky is the limit! Invitations and save the date cards can give your guests the first clue about the featured colors for your event.

Next, visit your florist with swatches of your favorite shades. She will most likely be able to suggest the best floral interpretation of your dream palette!

Venues will be able to advise you about color options for table linens, chair sashes, table scaping and lighting. You might be surprised to learn just how many fabulous colors are really available!

Even food can be colorful! Talk to your cake designer about creating a colorful masterpiece in your selected hues. Even candy buffet artists can base their work completely on color preference!

Finally, color can (and should) be utilized in your bridal party’s fashion choices! If you cannot select just one color, create a beautiful palette by putting bridesmaids in different colored dresses! How about Tangerine Tango, Solar Power and Cabaret for a bold, citrus-y look or Cockatoo, Margarita, and Sweet Lilac for a more subdued, sophisticated look? Of course, the groomsmen’s accessories could be selected in colors to match!

Don’t be afraid to embrace unique colors and combinations when planning your wedding, it can truly allow you to create a memorable visual masterpiece!

Source for color descriptions and information on Pantone: Pantone Fashion Color Report, Spring 2012.

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