Wedding Flowers: DIY or Not DIY?

The wedding world is DIY crazy.  Do-It-Yourself wedding projects are a fabulous way to get the most out of your money and put personal touches on your special day.

DIY  wedding décor from the ceremony to the reception, wedding flower arrangements and bouquets, favors, menus and even your wedding cake or dessert option.  There are tons of ideas and inspiration for anything wedding DIY.

Great news, right?  But what if the idea of DIY petrifies you?  There is just so much to consider you don’t know where to start.  My advice is to find a good tutorial that will take you step by step through a DIY project. Pictures and instructions can show you if the project is on your level or above your head.’s recent blog post Bridal Bouquet DIY Tutorial gives great step by step with pictures on how to assemble a wedding flower bridal bouquet using wholesale wedding flowers.  “Making your own wedding flower bouquet does not have to be a difficult and scary project!  In fact, it should be exciting because you can save lots of money on bulk wedding flowers.”

Their arrangement consists of two colors of four rose stems, purple statice sprays, billy button sprays and greenery.  Step by step, the tutorial shows you how to lay out your wedding flowers and then the best tips to arrange them.  The tutorial ends with detailed instructions on how to pin ribbon to your floral tape to secure it in place and tie the whole look together.

DIY wedding projects are a great way to save and make your day more personalized, but don’t get stuck in over your head.  By using online resources you can search tutorials for DIY wedding projects and see if it’s something you can handle.  Once you’ve found your inspiration and researched your DIY wedding project, recruit your friends or family to help pitch in creating flower and décor arrangements for your special day.

If you’re still not convinced DIY is for you but your still looking to take in ways to save on your wedding flower budget consider pre-made silk wedding flower bouquets.  They will give you savings on your budget without the worries of putting together your own bouquet.  You can dress up pre-made bouquets with your own ribbon and bouquet accessories.  Combine two pre-made bouquets to create a larger bridal bouquet and use the smaller bouquets for bride’s maids.

To DIY or not DIY might be the question, but don’t forget you can always find ways to save on your wedding budget!


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