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10 Innovative Ideas for Wedding Guestbook Alternatives

Ever want to just try something new at your wedding, something that is all you. Check out these different designs for guestbooks!!

wedding guestbook alternatives / featured on

Figure 1: Rustic 3D hearts by Celadon Home / Figure 2: Wooden memory note box by Daisy Days / Figure 3: 3D song tree by Suzy Shoppe / Figure 4: Envelope wedding guest book by Modern Shabby / Figure 5: File card guest book via Martha Stewart / Figure 6: Winter wedding raindrops by Heartwork Memories / Figure 7: Typewriter guest book via Martha Stewart / Figure 8: Library card book by Binding Bee / Figure 9: Wedding AdLibs by August Press (link via Emmaline Bride) / Figure 10: Wishing tree tags by Red Otter

I’m loving all of these ideas for wedding guestbook alternatives. Aren’t they all clever? I’m particularly drawn to the library card ideas —

all photos via their respective sources mentioned above


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Top Wedding & Invitations Trends Without Breaking The Bank

This year’s hot wedding trends are quite the eclectic mix. Old Hollywood Glamour, Vintage Gone Modern, Rustic Fairytale Dreams, along with the return of Traditional and Formal elements. It can be daunting to figure out how to incorporate these trends into your wedding without going overboard and without breaking the bank. Below are the top wedding trends broken down into DIY elements to get your creative juices flowing.

Pink invitation with lace


Last year’s Royal Wedding has sparked a Lace movement. Kate Middleton showed us that lace doesn’t have to belong to doilies and doll clothes anymore. The “look” of lace is showing up everywhere from dresses and cake stencils to stationery.

Lace wrapped around a layered invitation screams beauty, elegance, and romance. For more of a modern twist, use textured paper as a wrap around a flat invitation or use textured vellum as a wrap for cupcakes and desserts. Lace can be daunting to incorporate into your big day, especially if you’re not a lace kind of bride. Textured paper such as patterned linen and vellum work nicely as a lace accent without being too much.

paper flower bouquet

Old Hollywood Glamour

The days of feathers, red and gold accents, and large lush flowers have made their way back. This trend really lends a feel of the dramatic and gives your wedding that wow factor. To mix a bit of this trend into your event, think outside the box. While large billowy flowers adorned with rhinestone accents are the next best things to the actual wedding, the price tag can pack a very large punch to your budget. Get the look with a mix of paper flowers and cut your floral budget by more than half. Yes that says paper flowers. These are so easy to make and are seriously made out of paper and adorned with flea market brooches, craft rhinestones and glitter. These look amazing as the bride’s bouquet and also as centerpieces for your reception.

card suitcase

Vintage Gone Modern

One of the hottest trends right now in everything from clothing to weddings is the return of “the days gone by era”. Adding elements with a vintage touch, gives your wedding a fun whimsical feel. Personalized vintage favors are thoughtful and such and easy way to incorporate this DIY element into your wedding. Tie a name tag with ribbon around a mason jar, or glue a name tag to one side to make a favor that does triple duty as an escort card. Your guests can use this as their drinking glass for the evening, which also cuts down on the cost of renting glassware.

Use an old train case or suitcase decorated with ribbon flowers and cut out letters, as your cardholder. Or turn this idea into a “wishes case” by changing out the letters to say “Wishes For The Couple” and set out little pieces paper and colorful gel pens and let your guests write wedding wishes and advice for you. You will have a time capsule of wishes and advice that you and your spouse can pull out on your anniversary and read through.

black and white wedding invitation with formal typography

Formal Invitations

The last decade in weddings has been fun and modern. Brides are now opting for something more formal and reminiscent of the pictures of their mother’s formal traditional wedding. To keep your formal elements relaxed and modern, opt for a few standout elements that are riddled with class and elegance. Set the tone for your wedding with a letterpress look invitation in black and white, without the letterpress price tag. A thick luxurious card stock and the right fonts can make your stationery look like letterpress even when you print it off your desktop printer at home. Use a shimmering metallic cardstock to add a luxurious feel. Make sure to use wedding tissue with this kind of invitation to follow through with the formal theme.

Guest signed wine bottle

Formal weddings are known for serving a red and white wine at each table. Make your own personalized wine labels or wine bottle wraps and glue them onto each bottle. If you have a large wedding and serving wine at every table is out of the question, try a wine bottle guest book alternative. Print your own labels for four to 6 wine bottles. Make sure to have your names and date on each one, as well as the anniversary date to be opened. Make a sign with instructions for guests to sign your wine, and leave gold and silver pen markers in a glass jar next to the wine. This is not only a great guest book alternative, but it also starts a tradition for each milestone anniversary. Open the indicated wine on each anniversary as you toast your lives together and reminisce.

wishing tree guest book

Rustic Fairytale

Movies such as Snow White and Twilight have made us long for fairytale dreams of that first kiss under the twinkle of the stars. Outdoor weddings are huge this year, but dependent of course upon the weather. You can turn any décor rustic with the use of natural elements such as wood, rocks and greenery. Print invitations on wood grain card stock. Tie hemp twine or burlap over your ribbon and add scattered rhinestones if you want some bling on it.

Instead of a guestbook use a wishing tree. Set tree branches in a flowerpot or glass vase; adorn it with white lights, paper flowers or crystals. Print wish tags with your names and date on them and let your guests write well wishes and hang them with ribbon from tree.

Incorporating elements of the hottest trends can be fun and when used in the most unexpected ways, will give your wedding a personal touch and allow your wedding to reflect your personality.

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