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2012 Color Series – January Wedding

As we ring in each new year, we also invite a host of new trends. Wanting your wedding to be the perfect day, with the latest trends in wedding colors is only natural. How can you make sure that you know what is the hottest new look is for your dream wedding. When you decide on your wedding, you must make a choice to the type of season. Making the choice of season will determine what color palette you will use.

Although spring and early summer are more popular times for weddings, there are many advantages to a winter wedding, especially in January. Since that month is after the winter holidays, and before what is considered the rush of the bridal “season,” you may find the venue of your choice more available and have your pick of dates and times. You also have a wonderful variety of themes to choose from that work well with a wedding taking place in this month, no matter what climate you are in.

JanuaryLight Sophisticated Palete

January Wedding Colors

 Dark, elegant colors are perfect for bridesmaids in January.

A January wedding works well with many colors. Any shade of blue, silver, and white are gorgeous choices for a winter wedding in this month. Although pastel shades are largely reserved for spring weddings, several pastel shades, such as ice blue or baby blue, lavender, or dusty rose are perfect “icy” options. Rich, deep, elegant colors such as the following also work well for a January or winter wedding:

  • Navy
  • Midnight Blue
  • Plum
  • Burgundy
  • Garnet
  • Emerald
  • Hunter Green
  • Gold
  • Deep Aqua/Turquoise

Khaki Pink and Sage

Black and White Weddings
Wonderfully elegant, a black and white wedding can be an excellent choice for a January wedding. Black and white can add class and drama to any wedding. To add a bit more depth to the color scheme, choose to accents of red or burgundy to go with the black and white motif; or, for a modern feel, choose pink or chartreuse accents. For another twist, couples may choose a rich chocolate or deep brown and ivory or cream.


French Black and White Classic


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